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Tučepi (Makarska) » A-3193-n

Two bedroom apartment with terrace Tučepi, Makarska | A-3193-n

4.6/5 (Excellent, highly recommended)
110 m

Apartment can accommodate 6 guests. Beds are situated in 2 sleeping rooms, but also in the living room, within 49m2. Guests can use a private terrace to enjoy the warm summer evenings.

The accommodation owner pays extra attention to cleaning and adheres to health and safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

  • Apartment
    Area: 49 m2 + 25 m2 (Terrace, balcony)
    Capacity: 6
    Ground floor
  • Living room
    11 m2
    Air conditioning
    Terrace exit
    1 x sofa for two persons
  • Dining room
    5 m2
  • Kitchen
    5 m2
    Dish sink
  • Bedroom 1
    11 m2
    Air conditioning
    Terrace exit
    1 x Double bed
  • Bedroom 2
    8 m2
    Air conditioning
    Terrace exit
    Balcony exit
    2 x Bed
  • Bathroom
    4 m2
  • Terrace
    16 m2
  • Balcony
    9 m2
  • Access
    Car access possible
  • Beaches
    Main road between the property and the beach
    Pebble (Distance 110 m, no. of stairs: 8)
  • Surroundings
    Tourist resort
    Tučepi - 600 m
    The property is located by the main road
    The facility is not located in quiet surroundings


Prices | €49 - €179

Within the same building

House 3193 in the town of Tučepi, Makarska - Central Dalmatia has accommodation units of type Apartment (14) and is 110 m away from the sea. The nearest beach to this accommodation is a pebble beach. As the house is subdivided into multiple apartments, other guests may be present during your stay. Owners do not reside in the house.

600 m (Tučepi) 110 m 110 m

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Beach Accommodation
The average rating is calculated from the guests' ratings received in the past 3 years: 4.60 Accommodation 4.70 Host 4.50
12 Sep 2021

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Accommodation: 4 Host: 5
11 Sep 2021

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
3 Sep 2021

It was great, as always, I appreciate that this villa has kept its above-standard cleanliness for years. A very hard-working lady who takes care of it. ):)

Bolo super ako vždy oceňujem že svoj nadštandart aj v čistote si táto vilka udržuje už roky Veľmi snaživá pani ktorá sa o to stará Má to jedinú chybu že je to dosť ďaleko inak som tam častejšie a to tam chodím už niekoľko rokov za sebou:) :) :)

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
1 Sep 2021

I recommend Adriatic hr, as well as the apartment, the building is on a quite busy street, but there is air conditioning in every room so traffic is not bothersome. The equipment and appearance of the premises are flawless.

Polecam Adriatic hr, jak również apartament , budynek jest przy dość ruchliwej ulicy, jednak w każdym pomieszczeniu jest klimatyzacja wiec ruch nie jest uciążliwy. Wyposażenie i wygląd lokalu bez zarzutu.

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
19 Aug 2021

Very clean, very good, recommended

Sehr sauber, sehr Gut, empfehlenswert

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 4
18 Aug 2021

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
4 Sep 2020

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
2 Sep 2020

accommodation nice we have been going there for years - only to feel a little that it still changes owner. Even if the cleanliness suits and despite the fact that the lady who was now in charge there / cleaning, towel change, guest accommodation ... was very hard, I think would help more staff and improve the kitchen a bit-repeatedly there are some basic things missing- grater, can opener, and of course the microwave would help.Otherwise we are satisfied and I must say that despite going there for years in the bathroom we still did not notice a tooth time- nice white joints around the bath and shower without obvious mold - in many other accommodation facilities only a pious wish. : inlove:

ubytovanie fajn chodíme tam už roky -len trošku cítiť že to stále mení majiteľa.Aj keď čistota vyhovuje a napriek tomu,že pani ktorá to tam teraz mala na starosti/upratovanie,výmena uterákov,ubytovávanie hostí... bola veľmi snaživá, myslím že by pomohlo viac zamestnancov a trošku vylepšiť kuchynku-opakovane tam chýbajú niektoré základné veci- strúhadlo, otvárač na konzervy, a samozrejme mikrovlnka by pomohla.Inak sme spokojní a musím povedať že napriek tomu že tam chodíme roky na kúpeľni sme stále nezaznamenali zub času- pekné biele škáry okolo vaničky a sprcha bez zjavných plesní- v mnohých iných ubytovacích zariadeniach len zbožné prianie. :inlove:

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 3
13 Sep 2019

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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
6 Sep 2019



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Accommodation: 5 Host: 5