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Vir - Torovi (Vir) » A-294-d

Two bedroom apartment with terrace and sea view Vir - Torovi (Vir) | A-294-d

3.6/5 (Very good, recommended)
400 m
Low Price

Apartment can accommodate 6 guests. Beds are situated in 2 sleeping rooms, but also in the living room, within 42m2. Guests can enjoy a sea view from the private terrace. For full enjoyment and relaxation there is a private barbecue for this accommodation guests only.

  • Type
    Capacity: 6
  • Position
    1st floor
  • Area (42 m2)
    + 21 m2 (Terrace)
  • Bedroom (2)
    2 x Double bed
    2 x Bed
  • Nearest beach (Distance: 400 m, no stairs)
  • Access
    By car
  • Surroundings (Small place)
    Zadar - 28 km


Prices | €46 - €96

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House 294 in the town of Vir - Torovi, Vir - North Dalmatia has accommodation units of type Apartment (8) and is 400 m away from the sea. The nearest beach to this accommodation is a pebble beach. The house is categorized as "Facilities for peaceful vacation". Other guests may be found in this house's other apartments during your stay. During your holiday, your hosts will also be present in the house.

28 km (Zadar) 400 m 400 m
The average rating is calculated from the guests' ratings received in the past 3 years: 3.60 Town 3.80 Beach 3.90 Accommodation 3.10 Host 3.70
Aug 28, 2018

The hosts are very kind to you, helpful in everything we turned to. A modest apartment but with everything you need. Nice terrace and barbecue. :) :)

Gospodarze to bardzo mili Państwo, pomocni we wszystkim z czym się zwracaliśmy. Mieszkanie skromne ale posiadające wszystko co potrzeba. Fajny taras i grillem.:) :)

Town: 3 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 3 Host: 4
A-294-e Mária Zifčáková Štefáneková
Aug 28, 2018

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
A-294-b valiantsina koptsik
Aug 25, 2018

I expected another. the Internet did not work, the air conditioner was not. Shower and toilet in the bedroom, which created a lot of inconvenience.:idk:

I expected another. the Internet did not work, the air conditioner was not. Shower and toilet in the bedroom, which created a lot of inconvenience.:idk:

Town: 3 Beach: 3 Accommodation: 2 Host: 2
Aug 23, 2018

It's not impressive ... TV does not work at all, cleanliness is minimal, no towels, kitchen cloths, toilet paper ...

Ni sploh ne dela, čistoča minimalna, brez brisač, kuhinjskih krp, wc papirja...

Town: 5 Beach: 3 Accommodation: 2 Host: 3
Aug 20, 2018

Good day. Thank you for your pleasant stay in this apartment, we were happy with the equipment and partman, we had everything that made us a vacation at the sea, the owner is very pleasant gentleman, whom we also greet with my wife. Although we would like to look at other resorts, I would definitely recommend this apartment to its well-known and less known for its proximity to the sea. Sincerely, Ing, Katarína Pintérová and my family

Dobrý deň. Ďakujeme pekne za príjemný pobyt v danom apartmáne, Boli sme spokojní s vybavením a partmánu, mali sme tam všetko, čo nám spríjemnilo dovolenku pri mori, Majiteľ je veľmi príjemný pán, ktorého zároveň pozdravujeme aj s pani manželkou. Aj keď by sme sa chceli pozrieť aj do iných letovísk, určite by som tento apartmán odporúčila svojim známym aj menej známym aj pre jeho blízkosť k moru. S pozdravom Ing, Katarína Pintérová s rodinou

Town: 4 Beach: 4 Accommodation: 4 Host: 4
Aug 19, 2018



Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 4 Host: 4
Jul 30, 2018

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 4 Host: 4
Aug 31, 2017

Apartment was not cleaned or very badly. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the food was very good, the food was very good, and the food was very good the laundry was contaminated, and we will not go on vacation

Wohnung war nicht bzw. sehr schlecht gereinigt.:( Inventar sehr alt. Grilltost und Geschirr müssten gereinigt werden Alles in Allen eine zweckmäßige Unterkunft. Urlaubsfamilie rechts von uns meinte abends extrem Grillen zu müssen und das Kind in der Holzkohle mit nem Stock rumstochern zu müssen so das die Asche rüber zu uns flog und die Wäsche verunreinigte. Dort werden wir keinen Urlaub mehr machen

Town: 3 Beach: 2 Accommodation: 1 Host: 3
Aug 29, 2017



Town: 4 Beach: 4 Accommodation: 2 Host: 4
Aug 27, 2017

The apartment is under criticism. The plates could not be used because they were so badly filthy that they could not be cleaned. Unripe chic artificial flowers, pictures, unnecessary furniture crowding. The so-called chamber where the pots and pans were stored was an unexposed, dark hole. Leaning on the head, he could just go in there. The television was tied up with thick ropes on the wall. One window was so dirty that it could not be seen. The internet was so weak that it was mostly useless. Sometimes, after midnight, we could only use it as a work tool, even during a vacation. We did not have to sit on the seat cushions placed on the chairs, so we took them down. The bathroom did not sparkle at all. Thick limescale deposits on the tiles in the shower.The toilet is put up for cleaning with all kinds of supplies. We first thought we were accidentally opened to the storeroom of the cleaning lady. First morning, we all had tiny red stinging itchy rashes that later burst. And I could still list for a long time. I'm sorry that photos can not be attached because we recorded all this with the intention to show it. I do not recommend this apartment to anybody. :( :(

Az apartman kritikán aluli. A tányérokat nem tudtuk használni, mert annyira gusztustalanul mocskosok voltak, hogy nem lehetett letisztítani. Ízléstelen giccses művirágok, képek, használhatatlan bútorok tömkelege. Az úgynevezett kamra, ahol az edényeket , lim-lomot tárolták, egy megvilágítatlan, sötét lyuk volt. Oldalazva, fejet lehúzva lehetett csak bemenni oda. A televíziót vastag kötelekkel kötözték a falra. Az egyik ablak olyan piszkos volt, hogy nem lehetett kilátni rajta. Az internet olyan gyenge volt, hogy többnyire használhatatlan volt. Néha, éjfél után tudtuk csak használni, pedig munka eszközünk, még nyaralás alatt is. A székekre helyezett ülőpárnákra nem volt gusztusunk ráülni, ezért azokat le is vettük. A fürdőszoba egyáltalán nem csillogott. Vastag vízkő lerakódások a csempén, a zuhanyzóban.A WC telehalmozva takarításhoz való mindenféle kellékkel. Először azt hittük, hogy a takarítónő tároló helyiségébe nyitottunk be véletlenül. Első reggelre mindnyájunkon apró piros csípésszerű viszkető kiütések voltak,melyek a későbbiekben sokasodtak.És még sorolhatnám sokáig. Sajnálom, hogy fotókat nem lehet csatolni, mert mindezt rögzítettük azzal a szándékkal, hogy meg fogjuk mutatni. Senkinek nem ajánlom ezt az apartmant.:( :(

Town: 3 Beach: 3 Accommodation: 1 Host: 1