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Novigrad (Novigrad) » A-6979-c

Three bedroom apartment with terrace Novigrad | A-6979-c

3.7/5 (Very good, recommended)
120 m

Apartment can accommodate 7 guests. Beds are situated in 3 sleeping rooms, within 71m2. Guests can use a private terrace to enjoy the warm summer evenings. Food can be prepared using barbecue which is shared with other guests too.

  • Type
    Capacity: 7
  • Position
    1st floor
  • Area (71 m2)
    + 17 m2 (Terrace)
  • Bedroom (3)
    2 x Double bed
    3 x Bed
  • Nearest beach (Distance: 120 m, No. of stairs - 3)
    Concrete slabs
  • Access
    By car
  • Surroundings (Tourist destination)
    relatively quiet
    Novigrad - 100 m
    Facility is situated near a local road
    Local road between the property and the beach


Prices | €133 - €193

In the same property

House 6979 in the town of Novigrad, Novigrad - Istria has accommodation units of type Apartment (3), Studio flat (1) and is 120 m away from the sea. The nearest beach to this accommodation is a concrete slabs beach. As the house is divided into several accommodation units, other guests will most likely be present during your stay. The hosts will be in residence during your holiday.

100 m (Novigrad) 120 m 120 m
The average rating is calculated from the guests' ratings received in the past 3 years: 3.70 i Town 4.80 Beach 4.60 Accommodation 2.90 Host 2.80
Sep 9, 2018

<3 <3

<3 <3

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 5 Host: 5
Aug 17, 2018

In principle, we are satisfied with the accommodation, but the performance of the owner ..... and his words have been greatly eroded by me ... go into the sea, do not sit there .... you do not need air conditioning now ...... I know, I realize that the landlord is older ... but if I get on vacation for 3 days and I pay all I do not need someone who kicks me on the head ..... the fact is that my husband and I have come to resign their heads from work .... of course you are we did not, because at the back of the studio there was always a garbage bag containing cans and plastic bottles for sale, and commanding the owner ... we also paid for the air. WHO HAVE PUNK TO YOU AND PAY THESE ... YOU ARE DIFFICULTIED IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER ... OTHER THAN APARTMENT SUPER, CLEARED ... THANKS FOR BETTER POZDRAV Marija & Boštjan Grušovnik

Načeloma sva z nastanitvijo zadovoljna, me je pa precej zmotilo nastopaštvo lastnika..... in njegove besede..idite u more, nemojte tu sjedit.... ne trebate sad klimu palit...... Vem, zavedam se da sta najemodajalca starejša.... vendar jaz če pridem na dopust za 3 dni in vse plačam ne rabim nekoga ki mi kljuva po glavi..... dejstvo je da sva si z možem prišla odpočit glave od posla.... seveda si jih nisva , kajti pred vrati studia je bila ves čas vreča za smeti v kateri so bile pločevinke in plastične steklenice za prodajo, in komandiranje lastnika.... tudi klimo sva plačala. KO RABIŠ MIR IN TO PLAČAŠ.... SI RAZOČARAN ČE SE NEMOREŠ SPROSTIT... DRUGAČE PA APARTMA SUPER , ČIST UREJEN... HVALA LEP POZDRAV Marija&Boštjan Grušovnik

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 4 Host: 1
Aug 14, 2018

Satisfied with the accommodation and the places. :) 8)

Soddisfatti della sistemazione e dei luoghi.:) 8)

Town: 4 Beach: 4 Accommodation: 3 Host: 4
Aug 11, 2018

Odlično super ;)

Odlično super;)

Town: 4 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 4 Host: 5
Jul 24, 2018

The owner does not leave much privacy, constantly "checks" something. Unauthorally, she charges an extra charge on arrival, in my case a total of EUR 46. It also did not allow the use of awnings on the terraces according to our needs, but they constantly walked and stormed as he recognized fit, even in the presence of our presence. He also wanted 10 euros per day for this fee. Of course I did not.

Majitel nenechává moc soukromí, neustále "něco" kontroluje. Neoprávněně účtuje při příjezdu položky navíc, v mém případě celkem 46 Eur. Dále neumožňoval použití markýz na terasách podle naší potřeby, ale neustále je chodil raztahovat a zatahovat jak uznal za vhodné on a to i v případě naší přítomnosti. Také chtěl za toto poplatek 10 Eur za den. To jsem pochopitelně neplatil.

Town: 5 Beach: 3 Accommodation: 1 Host: 1
Jul 16, 2018

Excellent location - it is incredibly close to peso - plaz obchody mesto - bohuzial this preferred accommodation not used. The apartment is for 4 persons with a living room instead of a temporary third burning room, while on the terrace more than 4 adults will not comfortably stay: P Parking is only for 3 cars when it is parked there too;) there is a lot of parking spaces in the surrounding area that can be paid at the ECV for all stay: inlove: Domaci say only CRO and ITA - if they called for the arrival of someone with ENG knowledge before the misunderstandings resulting from lack of understanding of the instructions. When the older master and his wife go home with the craftsman to someone younger and beat the appartments for a smaller number of people to the standard that the locality would devote, it could be sqele, thus just fine 8)

Vynikajuca lokalita - vsade neuveritelne blizko peso - plaz obchody mestecko- bohuzial tuto prednost ubytovanie nevyuzilo. Zbytocne su navysene pocty osob v jednotlivych apartmanoch, z apartmanu pre 7 osob by mal byt luxusny apartman 4+1 s obyvacou izbou namiesto prechodnej 3. spalne, kedze ani na terasu sa viac ako 4 dospely pohodlne nezmestia:P Parkovisko je len pre 3 auta kedze tam parkuje aj domaci ;) nastastie je v okoli dost parkovacich miest, ktore sa da pri pristave zaplatit na ECV na cely pobyt :inlove: Domaci hovoria len CRO a ITA - keby zavolali pre prichode niekoho so znalostou ENG predoslo by sa nedorozumeniam vyplyvajucim z nedostatocneho porozumenia pokynov. Ked starsi pan domaci aj s pani domacou prenecha remeslo niekomu mladsiemu a prerobi appartmany na mensi pocet osob na standard, ktory by si lokalita zasluzila, mohlo by to byt sqele, takto len dobre 8)

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 3 Host: 3
Jun 6, 2018

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 1 Host: 1
Jun 6, 2018

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 2 Host: 1
Sep 8, 2017

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 3 Host: 4
Sep 6, 2017

The place Novigrad is a very recommendable holiday, the apartment which I had booked here was unfortunately not. The accommodation had unacceptable arrangements, so I would advise all of this apartment to book. We had to leave the awnings every day in the morning and roll around at 5pm, whether we want or not. If we were not at home and forgot to leave the awnings in the morning or were not back at 5pm the landlord entered our apartment to get to the terrace and did this ourselves. We had 2 terraces and on one of them we were banned from eating. It was forbidden to open the windows during the day. Since we were 7 persons we gladly in the morning after the rising the apartment aired, but it was forbidden us to open the windows as the sun seems too strong. Or during the cooking we also gladly times a window auf, however every time after we even opened only one window was already one of the landlord there and said we must close it again. Although in the description there was kitchen fully equipped we only had 3 flat, 3 depth and 3 small plates where just a bread on it. There were 3 large glasses, 2 wine glasses and 4 very small glasses (0.2l) and the whole for 7 people. We were not allowed to hang our wet laundry on our clothes rack, which was mounted on the terrace. The landlord has requested that when we come from the beach and wet bathing have to pull these still down and hang up and then go up to our apartment. Only we were not the only tenants, we had to move in front of all the other holidaymakers who sat on the terrace are only because we could not hang the wet bathing on our own clothes dryer, so the advantage of the location was also unnecessary if we did not once quickly go into the sea and back again. We were forbidden to dispose of our residual waste in our household waste bin. The landlord said we had to dispose of this at the dungyard 20 meters away from the accommodation, only when we were at the said "dung place" we found there only one waste paper container one for plastic, glass and tins, So we were forced to commit a criminal offense, which we did not do, however, we collected our residual waste and disposed of in the house waste disposal bin on the last day of our holiday. On the last day we took the sheets and laid on the floor and wanted to drive. The landlord insisted that we together still a control over the apartment, whereas in itself nothing against it speaks, only it seemed to us as if he wanted to rip us off as he asked for 50 € for the cleaning since the sheets on the floor and we had not washed 2 glasses, as someone wanted to drink before the trip, and the bathroom was too dirty. When we did not see why we should clean the bathroom, he threatened us to call the police if we did not pay 50 €. So our conclusion Novigrad is a nice area and we will definitely go back there, but unfortunately the experiences we had in our accommodation had spoiled the holiday. No one will book an accommodation here again and we can only advise everyone else before.

Der Ort Novigrad ist eine sehr empfehlenswerte Urlaubsgegend, das Apartment was ich hier gebucht hatte war es leider nicht. Die Unterkunft hatte unvertretbare Regelungen weshalb ich allen abraten würde dieses Apartment zu Buchen. Wir mussten jeden Tag in der Früh die Markisen ausfahren und um Punk 17 Uhr wieder einrollen, ob wir wollen oder nicht. Waren wir nicht Zuhause und haben vergessen die Markisen in der Früh auszufahren oder waren nicht wieder um 17 Uhr zurück haben die Vermieter unser Apartment betreten um auf die Terrasse zu kommen und dies selbst gemacht. Wir hatten 2 Terrassen und auf einer davon wurde uns verboten zu essen. Es war verboten am Tag die Fenster zu öffnen. Da wir doch 7 Personen waren haben wir gerne in der Früh nach dem Aufstehen das Apartment gelüftet, doch wurde es uns verboten die Fenster zu öffnen da die Sonne zu stark scheint. Oder während dem Kochen machen wir auch gerne mal ein Fenster auf, jedoch jedes Mal nachdem wir auch nur ein Fenster öffneten stand schon einer der Vermieter da und hat gesagt wir müssen es wieder schließen. Obwohl in der Beschreibung stand Küche voll ausgestattet hatten wir nur 3 Flache, 3 Tiefe und 3 kleine Teller wo gerade ein Brot drauf passte. Besteck gab es nur für 6 Leute, es gab 3 große Gläser, 2 Wein Gläser und 4 ganz kleine Gläser (0,2l) und das ganze für 7 Personen. Wir durften unsere nasse Wäsche nicht auf unseren Kleiderständer, der auf der Terrasse montiert war, aufhängen. Der Vermieter hat verlangt das wenn wir vom Strand kommen und nasse Badesachen an haben diese noch unten auszuziehen und aufzuhängen und dann erst nach oben zu unserem Apartment zu gehen. Nur waren wir nicht die einzigen Mieter, wir mussten uns vor allen anderen Urlaubern die auf der Terrasse gesessen sind umziehen nur weil wir die nassen Badesachen nicht auf unseren eigenen Wäscheständer aufhängen durften, somit hat sich der Vorteil der Lage auch wieder erübrigt, wenn wir nicht einmal schnell ins Meer gehen können und wieder zurück. Uns wurde verboten unseren Restmüll in der Hauseigenen Restmülltonne zu entsorgen. Der Vermieter hat gesagt wir müssen diese am Mistplatz 20 Meter von der Unterkunft entfernt entsorgen, nur als wir bei dem besagten "Mistplatz" waren fanden wir dort nur einen Altpapier Container einen für Plastik, Glas und Dosen, sprich alles nur Recycling Tonnen. Wir wurden also dazu genötigt eine Straftat zu begehen, was wir dann allerdings nicht getan haben, wir haben unseren Restmüll gesammelt und am letzten Tag unseres Urlaubes in der Hauseigenen Restmülltonne entsorgt. Am letzten Tag haben wir dann die Bettwäsche abgezogen und auf den Boden gelegt und wollten fahren. Der Vermieter bestand darauf das wir gemeinsam noch eine Kontrolle über das Apartment machen, wogegen an und für sich nichts dagegen spricht, nur kam es uns danach so vor als wollte er uns nur abzocken da er 50€ für die Reinigung verlangte da die Bettwäsche am Boden liegt und wir 2 Gläser nicht abgewaschen hatten, da noch jemand vor der Fahrt etwas trinken wollte, und ihm das Bad zu dreckig war. Als wir das nicht eingesehen haben warum wir das Bad putzen sollten hat er uns damit gedroht die Polizei zu rufen falls wir nicht 50€ bezahlen. Also unser Fazit Novigrad ist eine schöne Gegend und wir werden dort auf jeden Fall wieder Urlaub machen, doch haben uns leider die Erlebnisse die wir in unserer Unterkunft mitmachen mussten den Urlaub verdorben. Von uns wird niemand mehr hier eine Unterkunft buchen und wir können allen anderen davor nur abraten.

Town: 5 Beach: 5 Accommodation: 1 Host: 1