Brodarica, Šibenik

The small town Brodarica is a true holiday oasis which the Šibenik riviera offers those who strive for a relaxing holiday. The Mediterranean idyll of the place reaches the islet Krapanj ''paradise of marine sponges'' which is only 300 meters away from the shore. Brodarica will welcome its guests by revealing many interesting details and legends of the exciting history of the Šibenik riviera.

Brodarica – a coastal location interwoven with the life of a mysterious islet

Brodarica has always been connected to the islet Krapanj, as in the past and in the present. The first inhabitants sailed from the islet and continued to ''care'' for it as a cultural centre of this Mediterannean place.

Brodarica's idyl coastline offers a beautiful view of the stone houses of Krapanj, the lowest islet in the Adriatic which is proud of its 300 year old tradition of overfishing marine sponges. More interesting specimens of the Adriatic's flora and fauna are exposed in Krapanj's monastery which also has many sponges, corals, amphora and antique dishes.

Brodarica in the echoes of traditional music and marine sponges

The pleasant traditional sounds on its streets and squares will spice up the days spent on the sunny beaches in Brodarica. Visitors can enjoy the Dalmatian a cappella performances (music that is specifically solo or group singing without instrumental sound – typical performances on the streets of Dalmatia), join the delightful Brodaričke fešte (music performances usually held at the end of July) or get to know folk traditions at the Večeri folklora. A special attraction is the Smotra spužvara where Krapanj presents the skills of its centuries old ''trade'' and shows great sponge specimens from the Adriatic sea.

Interesting manifestations take place on the open stages of nearby Šibenik which is the host of the Međunarodni dječji festival and Večeri dalmatinske šansone. Along with Šibenik and its cathedral which is included in UNESCO's list of cultural heritage, Brodarica, thanks to its convenient geographical location, offers trips to the beautiful falls of The National Park Krka, which is absolutely worth visiting.

Brodarica, Šibenik - What to do, what to see?

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