Milna, Island Brač

Milna is a picturesque town on the west coast of Brač island, surrounded by beautiful sand and shingly beaches - Pasikova, Maslinova, Osibova, Vlaška. Milna itself is in one of the most sheltered coves on the island, making it a favorite for yachters, and its marina is busy all year long.

Milna in legend

According to legend, Milna owes its very name to its secluded position. Mille is the Latin word for one thousand, referring to the number of boats the cove was able to shelter in Roman times. However, the scientific explanation of the name refers to sand, which the ancestors of Croats called mil. This was brought to the coves by torrents.

Milna, the place of monuments

Many postcards of Milna feature the richly carved facade of its parish church, framed by two tall palm trees. This church of the Annunciation is an unmissable sight, notable for its altars and artful funeral slabs, the work of famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendić.

Further architectural marvels found in Milna include the Anglišćina, supposedly once the home of an English lord. Its massive exterior is notable for the small number and size of its windows. Yet another is Baterija, a military fort built by the French as protection from the Russian fleet during the reign of Napoleon.

Milna is also the birthplace of a traditional sail boat design known as the bracera. The name is a reference to the Italian name of Brač.

In the summer months, several public events can introduce Milna to the visitors. These include Fishermen's nights, the fest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Assumption.

Milna, Brač - What to do, what to see?

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