Vis, Island Vis

The northeastern parts of Vis is where the eponymous town is girt with hills and vineyards, while those coming in by sea are greeted by the islet called Host and the Prirovo peninsula. The sheltered cove of Saint George has made Vis an attractive destination as early as the fourth century BC, which is well-attested by the ancient remains of the Issa city-state.

Numerous naval battles fought over this charming corner of the Mediterranean have left many sunken witnesses of wood and metal in the waters around Vis. Should you find the courage for a diving adventure, Vis will gladly tell you their stories.

Vis in a dreamy story of times long gone

The niteenth-century fortress of Gospina batarija (Our Lady's battery) has become a scrapbook of the tumultous history of Vis. The Town museum within its walls and its 634 neatly ordered amphoras vividly transport the visitor back into the hold of some galley in antiquity.
The Martvilo necropolis, turned into an archeological park, will take you on a tour of Ancient Greek Vis, while mosaics in the Roman baths will delight you with their simple yet delicate patterns and their school of dolphins. In the same playful beat, Vis brings you to Prirovo, the peninsula where an ancient Roman theeater was transformed into a Franciscan monastery during the sixteenth century. Your visit will be witnessed by the nostalgic hum of a medieval tower captured by the sea.

Vis - artistic inspiration in the shade of silver palm trees

Amongst the poetic palaces and aristocratic summer homes, Vis has hidden the birthplace of the Croatian modernist writer Ranko Marinković, after whom the local theater takes its name. In this insular ambience, the Vis cultural summer will present its own, as well as other theatrical companies, together with its traditional music.

The long artistic tradition is certain to inspire you - perhaps with the mere sight of rare silver palm trees in the town's park, or with a bite of hib, a local delicacy made of figs and almonds.

Vis - What to do, what to see?

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