Croatia Family-friendly activities guide for summer 2019

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On family vacation in Croatia in 2019, you will be able to fill the schedule with interesting activities without any difficulty. Whether you are traveling with small children or teenagers, you can easily find fun for the whole family. Thanks to various events throughout the Adriatic, you can find an interesting way to get to know the autochthonous culture and history, try a new delicacy, or take part in a whole new family adventure. What are the events you should not miss this summer find out in the Family-friendly activities guide for summer 2019.

International Children's Festival

The International Children's Festival is held for 59th year in a row and it offers various opportunities for family activities (source: International Children's Festival Šibenik)

If you are looking for a place where you can play with your children, but also enable them to express themselves creatively Šibenik is the right place for you. For the 59th year in a row Šibenik is the organizer of the International Children's Festival. This cultural manifestation is special because the city squares are filled with children's artwork and it is concetrated to the development of all the artistic forms of their creative drive. The festival takes place through three phases, plays of domestic and foreign children's ensembles, the workshop programme directly and publicly involving children in the act of creation, and the educational part where a symposium addresses issues such as aesthetic education of children . It runs from June 15 to June 29, 2019.

Kinookus Food Film festival

Kinookus Festival in Ston gathers the best of gastronomy and film making it an excellent choice for parents who are on vacation with teenagers

How to entartain teenagers on summer vacation? The answer could be found in Ston.
From June 27th to June 30th, Ston hosts an interesting event that brings together the best from the world of film and local gastronomy. Who would resist such a combination? But except tasty food and movies, this festival seeks to promote new ideas but also the importance of traditional values. Through the Seventh Art and healthy lifestyle concept, the Kinookus Festival seeks to educate young people about the importance of healthy nutrition and environmental protection and to encourage them to develop their critical thinking and to be more engaging in society.

Ice cream Festival

Find a refreshment for the whole family at the Ice Cream Festival in Fažana

An unforgettable summer treat finally has its own festival that guarantees a good time for the whole family. At the Festival of Ice Cream in Fažana, from 13th to 14th July, the whole family will be able to cool down with various kinds of cold desserts of amazing colors and shapes. Don't miss the opportunity to discover unique flavors of ice cream combined with fruits, veggies, and ice cream specially made for people with diabetes and vegans, or special ones based on sea algae, and natural Istrian ingredients. To complement the "sweet" experience, the organizers have also prepared an entertainment program for the whole family that includes animation for children, concerts, face painting and dance facilities.

Supertoon - Animated Movie Festival

The Supertoon Festival also gives awards for the best animated films (image source: Supertoon Festival)

You can find a perfect opportunity to fill your vacation schedule and have a pleasant a pleasant family gathering from 21 to 26 July in Šibenik. That is the time when the International Animated Film Festival is held. Along with the recent domestic and worldwide production of animated short films (films lasting up to 30 minutes), the festival seeks to bring this kind of film expression to both adults and children, accidental visitors and filmmakers.

Tobogan Festival

The Riverboat Festival offers many creative workshops for children and parents

Do you want to encourage your children to think and act creatively? The Tobogan Festival held in Rijeka from June 26 to July 10 is a perfect family event for that matter. The idea of the festival is that the children, despite the fact that they are on holidays, strive to have fun and, above all, educate themselves. In 2019, they will have the opportunity to participate in 3D print, painting, singing, video game design, creative writing, and many others. Parents can also take part in this festival thanks to the special workshops with activities tailored especially for them. Apart from the workshops, the program will be complemented by performances, film projections and concerts that will be arranged at various locations throughout the city.

Queenvention - Vaicanto Festival

Vaicanto festival is an event where you can have fun with your teenagers

Are you looking for a good music festival where you can enjoy with your teenagers? The musical spectacle with the timeless hits played by Queen would be a real event for you. Queenship is a musical project devoted to the Queen legacy and the music pop rock direction that takes place as the theme of the premiere edition of the Vaicanto Festival. The biggest European tribute bands brings a spectacular show with up to 50 top musicians, members of the symphony orchestra, who will perform the most successful of one of the most influential bands of all time in a special arrangement with the choir. The discussion panel was also included in the festival program, as well as a lecture by Mr. Peter Freestone, the costume designer of The Queen and a consultant in the Bohemian Rhapsody film.

The Sand Festival

The sand festival is held on the famous Queen's beach near the town of Nin

Who says that swimming or diving are the only things you can do on the beach? This summer, along with various sea activities, try to express yourself creatively at the Sand Festival. This interesting event takes place on August 18 at Queen's Beach in Nin, one of the most beautiful Croatian sandy beaches. The festival is imagined as a creative exhibition that combines various works of children and fantasies. All visitors, both young and old, will be able to participate in making sand sculptures. In addition to the best sculptures, the best sculpture photographs will also be awarded. With the guidance of the mentor sculptors, visitors will build sculptures on the theme of "Town of the Nin".

The Pirate battle

Reconstruction of the 13th century naval battle is one of the biggest events in the summer cultural program of Omis

Have you ever had a chance to see a live maritime battle? If you spend the summer of 2019 in Omiš, you will be able to enjoy the true pirate spectacle. It is little known fact that the inhabitants of Omiš through history (the Middle Ages) were successful shipbuilders but also pirates who ruled the Adriatic Sea. Many famous fleets were afraid of their attacks, and the pirate's most common targets were the Venetian ships that carried valuable goods. The inhabitants of Omiš are proud of their maritime tradition, and this is where they with Korčula Society of Sv. Cecilia's "Moreška" honor their history.

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